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As of 02Aug17, due to Mattel's update, everyone who is registered on the official Mattel Hot Wheels Collectors website must perform the Password Reset procedure.

The validation code you receive in their e-mail is only active for 30 MINUTES, so be prepared to do it in one sitting! Once you've changed your password (I [Ralph] actually reused my old password & it worked fine), go into your account settings and verify or re-enter your address & credit card info.

No one's "recent purchase history" is updated yet, so don't be unduly alarmed, but it should show your cumulative points total. Hopefully they'll get it straightened-out soon.

Should you have any real problems with getting your info corrected, contact Jay or Nathan (you'll have their e-mail address in the broadcast e-mails I send you every month). Both of them are acquainted with Gary Barnum at Mattel, so may have an "in" to getting things accomplished at Mattel's end.
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